Oct 4, 2009

Shopping domains for sale

Yesterday I spent some time running through my “ideas for projects” list and tried to weed out the ones I know I will never get around to doing. Out of that came a list of domain names I own, that I want to sell of. So here’s your chance to get your hands on some very nice Danish shopping domains.

All domains have been active for minimum 1 year and have content on them. Please keep in mind though that I’m only selling the domain name itself. No code will go with it.

Here are the domains:

  • Billige-Ferier.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 5,000
  • Billig-Fladskaerm.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 2,500
  • Billige-Kameraer.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 3,000
  • Billig-Laptop.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 3,500
  • Billigt-Modetoej.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 3,000
  • Billige-Sko.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 3,500
  • Billig-Smykker.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 2,000
  • Film-Online.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK  2,000
  • Film-Tilbud.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 2,000
  • Gadgets-Tilbud.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 1,000
  • Mp3-Afspiller.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 4,000
  • Musik-Tilbud.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 3,000
  • Online-Udsalg.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 3,000
  • Tilbud-Dvd.dk
    Minimum bid: DKK 2,500

Traffic data are of course available for all domains at request. Domains are currently hosted with One.com, but will be transferred to a host of your choice.

Bids are welcome on mail@kwigger.com or in the comments below.

Let the bidding begin :)


  • Interesting to see your price tags.

    Do you want to share the price with us, if you sell some of them?

  • I would think that the prices were too high when you look at the quality of the domains. You will never find anyone who would pay that much for any of these domains. Especially because they all contain hyphens.
    As I see it mp3-afspillere has the highest value, but I do not think it is worth more than a hundred bucks.

  • Heard your talk about domain names that are popular search terms. I got interested, and found a domain, consisting of two common english words put together, that has 1.500.000 searches a month on the precis combination of the two words. I bought the .net-domain, and I´ll try (my first attempt…) to see if I can make a buck online. You think it sounds like a good idea to work on?

    Thanks for your content!

  • I know you’re not selling the code, but have you ever considered to sell og publish the script you use on the websites?

  • @Frederik S: Well, could do – but I don’t think the platform is mature enough to go commercial.

  • Alright then. What a shame. I just find it very genius… ;)

  • Are the websites still for sale ? :)

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