Who is Rune Risom

Rune Risom
Been working with online media for over 15 years, both in development, marketing and business operations. I’m 33 years old and live in Denmark with my family; my better half through 11 years Anne and our two daughters Gry and Nanna.

I’m currently building up a fantastic new online takeaway business as CEO of Hungry.dk – a new player in the Danish takeaway market. We launched the business in January 2013 and are growing at an incredible rate.

My online carreer began back in 1998 by setting up and running a news website for popular music here in Denmark. It gathered some pace but due to commitments to my studies I had to abandon it. After completing my degree I became part of the newly launched Just-Eat.dk team. This was in 2002. I was with Just-Eat Denmark for about 5 years in various roles with growing responsibilities before moving to the UK in early 2007 to be part of establishing Just-Eat UK. I acted as COO in the UK business until February 2009 where I moved into our international parent company, Just-Eat Group. I acted as VP of Product Development for a little over a year before finally in June 2010 getting the opportunity to head up all search activities within the group. Search marketing is a core interest of mine and I was really excited about the work we did in this field. I was also part of the Senior Group Management Team, reporting directly to the Group CEO. In December 2009 I moved my base to Denmark, and traveled to London a couple of times a month. I left Just Eat in January 2012 to explore new adventures.

In February 2012 I joined webdanmark.com as Senior Online Marketing Strategist. webdanmark.com is a Danish digital agency with around 45 people specialising in online marketing and e-commerce platform development. I managed our marketing team within the areas of search marketing (SEO and SEM), tracking, analysis and conversion optimisation and acted as a senior advisor to the biggest clients. Clients included national and global retailers like FONA, Tøjeksperten, Noa Noa, Silvan, Royal Copenhagen and many more.

I love the Internet and the opportunities it holds. I’m very curious about new technologies and how business can be created around these. I’m a big fan of service-oriented concepts where there is no trade with physical goods, but instead a focus on services that can be handled electronically and with automation.

Kwigger.com is my online gathering point for all the activities I have on the web. Be it private or business. Activity on the blog have been very little for some time now as I have prioritized my time on other things. Hopefully I will find more time for it again some day.

I’m always looking for new exciting projects that shows potential. If you think you have an idea or project that you need help or feedback on please get in touch.

You can always see my full updated resume on LinkedIn

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